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CoriCalc  - Online calculation tool

This instrument sizing and calculation tool for Bronkhorst® Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers is available online, integrated in Fluidat on the Net.

CoriCalc offers distributors and end-users the following functionalities:

  • Pressure drop calculation for Coriolis flow meter M1X- and M5X-series.
  • Valve orifice calculation for Bronkhorst and other (special) valves
  • Density, viscosity and phase of fluid (if available in FLUIDAT®)
  • Improved advisory with up to 2 sensors and 3 valves as options
  • Overview of total errors and pressure drops at several flow rates for selected instruments
  • Graphical representation of total error (trumpet style curves)
  • Printout facilities for calculations, overviews and advice screens

Please consider CoriCalc as a tool for finding the right instrument for an application.